Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy New All My Children and One Life to Live Day!

YOU GUYS!!! I cannot even contain my excitement at this point. It was an AMAZING feeling waking up this morning and knowing that there were new episodes of All My Children and One Life to Live waiting for me. Pardon the over-use of caps in the above paragraph, and be forewarned there may be many more caps to come, as I am OVER THE FREAKING MOON!!! Ahem.

I thought about doing a scene-by-scene recap of both shows, but in the end I am just too excited to form that kind of coherent narrative, so this will be my random thoughts/impressions instead, if I can stop bouncing off the walls long enough to type them.

Okay, so I will do this in the order in which I watched them: One Life to Live first (cuz my mom was busy and I didn't want to watch AMC without her, since it's her favorite after GH).

Spoilers for the new episode behind the jump if you haven't seen it yet (and if you haven't seen it yet WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT'S HOLY ARE YOU WAITING FOR???!!!!)

One Life to Live 2.0 Premiere (4/29/13)

  • Loved the opening with Viki and Clint. So glad that they're still together! And I loved when Clint went to go visit Bo and Nora, and that the whole hatchet has been buried between the brothers. I find it kind of unbelievable that Tea was able to get Clint off after everything he did, but hey, this is a soap after all, I can suspend my disbelief at least that far. I guess it would've been hard to involve him in all the storylines if he was under house arrest!
  • Speaking of Bo and Nora, yay on them still being together as well. I've always been a huge Bo and Nora (Bora?) fangirl, ever since I first started watching OLTL on the sly when I was home sick from school in the '90s. At that time, they were the rock of the show, and I remember being heartbroken when they broke up. (And I never forgave that whore Lindsay for all the times she came between them.)
  • New Matthew. Meh. He's cute and he seems like a good actor, but what a douche! I mean, covering up for Dani is a nice gesture, although with the way she collapsed at the club, it would've been much better if he had just come forward and gotten the girl some help. But anyway, douchebag-ness, I hated the way he talked to/about Destiny and his baby, and the way he talked back to his parents! Just yuck. Hopefully we'll get to see a better side of him soon.
  • New Destiny. What on earth was she wearing? I don't think that can be classified as clothes at all. I miss sweet little normal-looking Destiny. As far as the acting and the character interpretation, I am withholding judgment until I see more of her, but so far I don't hate her, and she certainly came out seeming like the more sensible one in the confrontation with Matthew.
  • Speaking of people not wearing clothes, I love how Natalie started and ended the show in her underwear. (Although really, who comes home from a club, apparently sober, strips off, and instead of putting on pjs or comfy clothes, instead curls up on the couch in their underwear and HIGH HEELS with an afghan pulled over them?) The outfit Nat wore to the club was sizzling too. Melissa Archer looks DAMN good. It's like somebody in production finally realized how smoking hot she is and decided they didn't have to dress her like an overweight grandma. I loved the chemistry between Natalie and Cutter (and Cutter and Rama for that matter) and am already shipping them like whoa. Interested to see where it goes next!
  • Speaking of couples I ship like a crazy person, TODD AND BLAIR OMGOMGOMG. Just that one look they shared had way more chemistry than anything between Todd and Carly over on GH. I really hope Roger Howarth stays on OLTL, even though it will mean playing two roles with the new character he's on contract for at GH.
  • Poor Tea. But yay for Victor showing up at the end! I can't wait until they are reunited!
  • Dorian vs. Viki is back! And oh, David Vickers, how I have missed you.
  • The pacing of the episode seemed a little off, maybe that's because they tried to shove everybody in for the first episode? Also maybe they're not totally used to the half-hour length yet. The production values seemed high, although I wasn't crazy about the opening, with everybody dancing. You can tell they're away from the network censors with the blowjob in Capricorn throw-away shot. I felt like it was kind of placed there for shock value. Hopefully the "scandalous" things to come (sexuality, swearing, etc.) will have more to do with the story. Overall, however, it was pretty good!
I think that's it for right now. I have a few things I need to do, stupid real life calling, I can't spend all day watching and writing about soaps. So I will post about the new AMC in a little while, definitely before I go bed tonight.

Until next time...

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